Are You In The Belly of the Whale?

When God called Jonah to do his work in Nineveh Jonah said, “No Thanks”. Actually, he was a bit more colorful than that since he thought God’s ways were ludicrous and that he was being lead to slaughter.

Didn’t matter to Our Lord God much. He followed Jonah always thereafter. Jonah continued to make decisions on his own that eventually lead to his being eaten by a whale. What kind of decision gets you eaten by a whale anyway? Seriously. Sorry, I digress. I do that alot. Anyway, when he was shot back out of that whale, he was ready to do God’s will.

The results: The entire city of Nineveh repented and turned away from their evil ways escaping the evil God had in store for them.

Are you making decisions leading to the belly of your whale? Are you already in there? Trust in His plans for you and act on that which only you can hear.

God Bless – James


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