Blind Pride

So I’m headed to church this morning and on the right hand side of the road sits an 80 model chevy that has defenitely seen better days. As I keep rollin down the road I come upon a fellow packing what has to be the smallest gas can I’ve ever seen and guess what. He has defenitely seen his better days as well.

Since my wife and I weren’t on our normal schedule, 5-10 minutes late, I pull over and offer him a ride. He’s reluctant at first. I just told him that I knew it wasn’t very far to the next gas station, but that’s no reason to have to walk there. He loaded up and off we went.

His name was David and turns out he grew up right down the road from where we live. He had lived in Houston and Arizona but had to come back to his roots for reasons we didn’t get into. We didn’t get to chat long as we arrived to his destination quickly then headed over to St. Mary’s.

I knelt down and thanked God for giving me a chance to help out my fellow man that morning. You know what Our Lord said to me.

“Should have invited David to join you here this morning.”

Of course I should have. Remember, it’s just as easy to quit listening to God when you think you’re on the right path as it is when you’re on the wrong one.


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