Present Yourself and Get Noticed for Christ

Boy it was a windy son of a gun this morning. Headed over to the church house and got a good message though. The gospel was the same reading we heard a couple of months ago about Josech and Mary taking Our Lord, the then baby Jesus, to be presented in the Temple. This was the custom back then. People came in and out of temple all the time presenting new-borns. For all we know, Joseph and Mary could have had to stand in line and wait their turn.

Anyway, after presenting their baby, Simeon approached them. Then Anna. They were awe strickin. Here was a complete stranger, but known to be wholesome man, telling them that he could now die since he had seen the savior of the world. And Anna. Most women didn’t even speak their mind back then, much less say all the things she had to say.

The point is, stick your neck out for Christ. How many times have we done something right even though we knew it would make everyone around us think we were crazy. Well, good for you if you’re a regular at this. If not, take comfort in knowing that Simeon and Anna could do it and it gave Joseph and Mary so much encouragement. Remember, at this time in their lives, they’re going on what they were told in a dream.

It would be kind of nice to have some real folks show some encouragement in what you believe wouldn’t it?


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