Don’t Be Afraid, Have Faith

Today’s message revolved around Chapter 5 in Mark’s Gospel. Verses 21-43

The reading’s mostly about having faith, but mastering your fear has so much to do with having faith. It seems that things like fear, pride, arrogance, self loathing, low esteem and MANY more come from us. Confidence, purpose, humility and peace within come from Him.

Our Lord doesn’t expect us to rid ourselves of fear and these other selfish notions. He does, though expect us to Live despite it. I capitalize Live because there is a difference between Living and simply existing. Don’t let yourself just react through life. Vicitim of circumstance. LIVE. Get off of your ass and go do something to better your world.

Then faith shall be granted you. Then you will find that confidence you’ve been looking for. For it isn’t confidence in yourself, but confidence in His ability to work through you.


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