Team Roping Thursday

Today was one of those days I love. Work, then play. I guess there is a certain amount of work involved in the play since most of the time I’m roping on colts. I love bringing them along so much though that it just couldn’t count for work.

My lovely bride accompanied me to the ranch this morning so I didn’t plunge through the darkness to get there at 8:00am like I usually do. We pulled in around 10:30 and had a nice visit with Mom before lunch. After lunch, the crew headed to the Dick Shelton. Jesse reported that one of the bull calves that hit the fence last time we were there was in the water trap. He’s probably 18 or so months and so if your familiar with cattle you know it’s time for this guy to head to the auction barn.

When we arrived there were probably ~40 head of Brahman cattle in the trap. And there he stood. He wasn’t alone though. There ended up being five shippers in the bunch and three or four replacement heifers as well. We had already worked this place this year, so there weren’t many left. More than we thought though. So there he was. Probably 650 – 700 lbs. Short-horned, 6 inch or so, and straight out. Good to rope. Bad for you or your horse. High headed and ready to roll. Blessed by the large herd, it looked like he might stick around. If he had been alone, he’d already be gone.

Things went our way though and we penned the whole bunch save a few cows with babies. We loaded the shipper bulls and replacement heifers and headed for the house. Wow. That went way quicker than any of us thought. So guess what. We roped.


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