Man is More Careful with Money than Principles

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “A man is usually more careful of his money than he is of his principles.”

Why is that? People don’t set out to compromise their principles.

I was thinking about faith recently because of the Fear and Faith post from Tuesday. Well, I had an invigorating conversation with my bride, Tonni, on the way to the ranch yesterday about how I think people should think of their faith just as they think of their money. Most people that I know who feel as though they have a weak faith, or need to work on their faith, or have no faith are missing the boat.

Think of your faith as money. No one can work on their money. No one’s money is weak. And, believe it or not, no one has no money. Walk down the street until you find a penny. You’ll go a surprisingly short distance. There, now you have money.

You can work on the situation your in that causes you to have little money. But, you can’t work on your money. Your efforts to make your money make more money may be weak, but your money is not weak. You may not accept that only having one penny constitutes having money, but it does.

And so it is with faith. Stop thinking of faith as this pie in the sky concept that only those who have it can understand. It is real.

Instead of dreaming up plans all the time about how to make a crap ton of money, DO SOMETHING NOW that actually does make some money. Have a garage sale. Sell something on ebay. Put Google Ads on your blog (Click my ads if you dont mind guys ;)) Whatever it takes. If you make one penny, you will have more money than you did when you woke up this morning. Here’s the to do list to make money:

  • Accept the cold hard facts of your current situation
  • Stop looking for that wonderous transformation that’s going to help you make it big
  • Be consistent with your efforts to make money.

Guess what this list reminds me of. The three steps to building your faith:

  • Accept the cold hard facts of your current situation.
  • Stop expecting Our Lord to blind you with a flash of light and call you by name from the heavens.
  • Be consistent in the things you do everyday to get to know Christ.

Taking action is the hard part. Everyone dreams. Everyone plans. Not everyone takes action. You don’t have to build a church to take action. You don’t have to travel the world ministering to God’s people.

All you have to do is something. Close your eyes and say hello to the Lord.

Now then, be sure to do it again tomorrow.


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