American Farmer

A fella by the name of Paul Mobley came by the ranch not too long ago wanting to take some pictures. My grandfather is definitely not the picture taking kind, but he’s not the kind to run somebody off his place either. Well, not if they didn’t deserve it anyway. 😉

Well, they had a vague idea of what the pictures were going to be used for, but weren’t entirely sure. I wasn’t down that day and have been curious ever since.

Today I found out. A photography book was published about the heartland of America. It’s available at or any Barnes & Noble. Here’s a link if you want to get it now: American Farmer: The Heart of Our Country

John Morgan O’Brien, my Grandfather, appears on pages 130 – 133. Dad, Morgan, and my uncles, Mick and Dick are in there as well. I know it’s not that big of a deal, but I was very excited about it. These guys work so hard and it’s kind of nice when they get a little bit of recognition.

The entire book is very impressive. Paul is a great photographer.


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