I Gave Away $30,000

Well, if you know me, you’re already thinking, “Fat chance anybody is going to peal five bucks out of James’ pocket.” And you’re right 😉

But today I got some first hand knowledge of why there are so many hard working folks behind programs like the San Antonio Stockshow and Rodeo.

I got a call right after church from one of the members of the Ranch Rodeo committee that I’m on asking me to help hand out a couple of scholarships up at the Stockshow. Sure, I got one when I went through and we work real hard to generate proceeds for our scholarship fund through Ranch Rodeo, so I loaded up and went to town.

Long story short, I didn’t get a scholarship like this. We gave three, $10,000 scholarships away. One of the young men told me that his parents were so proud, and thankful, when he got his $500 scholarship through Bexar County. He told me he was about to call his dad and that this one, “…was gonna put him over the top.”

Well I’d say so. Congrats to all the kids working hard to learn the ways of Agriculture. And thanks to all those who make it possible to reward them when they do.


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