Embrace the Mysterious

Getting our new website up for our ranch horses kept me up all night last night. So, I think it deserves a plug: PerformanceRanchHorses.com

OK, enough plugs. The reason I bring it up though is because I slept smooth through mass this morning. No I didn’t sleep at church. I didn’t even crack my peepers open until well after the early service was over.

So why post?

Well, we had Faith Formation tonight and Fr. Ed had some great contemplative material as always. “Faith, ” he said, “is your willingness to participate in the mysterious.” So what can’t be explained in my life? What can’t I put my finger on?

1) My lonely soul anytime I’m away from the ranch. A part of me never leaves South Texas. And I fear, one day, if I don’t return soon, I’ll lose that part.

2) My love for my family. Can I prove it? No. Can they prove they love me? No. Not scientifically they can’t. And the Lord knows we all have myriads of reasons why our family shouldn’t love us. 😉

3) The peace I’m blessed with when entrusted with the care of such a magnificent animal as the horse. If God made anything better than the horse, he kept it for himself.

What is this stuff. It’s all very real. And yet, is it? The vastness of the universe can easily be seen as mysterious, but the vastness within our very own bodies rivals that of the known universe. The only way to explain it is to show you what we saw:

via videosift.com

So what’s mysterious in your life? Sure think about things like the movie, but also things closer to home. Have the willingness to embrace them. Have faith.


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