You can shove a horse to water . . .

What, . . . shove? Why don’t you just lead him?


Great message today. Are you being shoved through life, or are you being lead? Does your financial situation, or your relationships, or whatever shove you through life? This way, then that, then back the other way.

It’s mind boggeling.

It’s stressful.

And it’s wrong.

Our (my wife and I) financial situation leaves quite a bit to be desired. But guess what. We’re not special. And neither are you. Everybody has it rough. Everybody thinks that their situation is the worst one. It’s the same way with many, many other things in life. The only way to peace is through Christ. Take him by the hand. And follow him in His ways. He is waiting . . . patiently.

For those of you who know horses, this story will hit dead center. For the rest, picture doing this with your dog. Or cat. Wow, I just laughed out loud trying to imagine doing this with a dang cat.

Courtesy of Steve Friskup. (Auctioneer and leader of the 6:00 am church service for the competing cowboys)

Horse Barn 2 is directly across the street from Horse Barn 1 and houses the competition arena for equine events in San Antonio, TX. The street that seperates them is the main traffic area for all walks of life who have come to see the Rodeo, Livestock Show, Carnival, etc. Picture a young family with a toddler and a baby carriage. Showing there children horses for the first time. One brand new GMC delivering some rodeo dignitary to the arena floor at the AT&T Center is easing by as well. There go the Priefert horses, six jet black powerful Percherons headed to execute a beautiful exhibition. And there are people everywhere. All milling around seeing what they can see. Between Horse Barn 1 and Horse Barn 2.

Now. Turn your horse loose in the arena in Horse Barn 2. Take a couple of your friends and haze him over to his box stall in Horse Barn 1. You know the one. It’s dark, very little shavings for him to bed down, and it’s across the street. You’ll get him out of the arena, and down one isle….maybe.

He’ll run around for awhile. You’ll be scared to death. He’ll be scared to death. I can barely handle stockshows because of all the people and who-rah going on. I can’t imagine how a loose horse would feel. You and your friends will try anything. Finally, he does what all horses do. He heads back to where he came from. You and your buddies haze him into the arena. If you just stand there awhile, odds are, he’ll come right back up to you.

Then, you’ll slip on his halter and lead him to where he needs to be. The safest place for him to be at the time. His stall. Isn’t that easier.

Stop running around. Stop letting life shove you this way and that. Start looking for Christ. He’ll be waiting for you and he knows right where you belong. Let Him lead you through a more peaceful life.


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