The Lord Will Bless His People With Peace

Today’s first reading brought us the story of Noah. What a great story. Psalm 29 tells us, “The Lord will bless his people with peace, ” and I wonder if Noah had the passion for animal care that I do. Because plenty of people think about this story and focus on the pain in the a$$ it would be to build the ark, gather the animals, care for them, etc.

Every evening I thank God for allowing me to be entrusted with such magnificent animals as the horse. He grants us the stewardship that brings our hearts the most peace. Sure cleaning stalls are a pain, but it’s part of the grind. We’re supposed to rejoice in the grind as well. It’s the cold and windy riding days, the muddy stall cleaning days, that make the show days successful. People don’t see those windy, muddy, rainy, or whatever days that require that little extra from you to be successful. Of course I dread the grind some days and wonder about some of the horses that end up here. In the end, though, I’m doing what I love. And it’s all because of Him. Rejoice in the grind!

Sure Noah may have doubted his task, but in the end he was with his family and God’s creatures. So much hard work, and yet so much peace. Coincidence?


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