Build Upon the Rock that is Christ

This morning we heard again from Mark’s Gospel and I was reminded of politics in America. Wow, the spin that our media can put on things never ceases to amaze me. They can make either party look like the dredges of society, or the hometown hero, with the stroke of a pen. And it usually doesn’t matter what was done. They can make a good deed look bad and a bad one, look good.

In Mark 8: 22-26, the story is that of a man who didn’t come to Jesus, but who was brought by the towns people. The blind man had nothing to say. Here he is in the midst of the greatest healer of all time and he had nothing to say. The towns people, though, they begged Jesus to touch him and heal him.

It’s no wonder Jesus took him from town. I can just see the paper the next day. “The Great Jesus Fails” He certainly did receive less than perfect results the first time, but all of His works are rooted in the faith of those being healed. And He gave the blind man his site completely the second time. Could you imagine what would be written if He did this in front of the people who brought the man to Him in the first place?

It’s sad, the human condition. We find what is good, and because we are not, we go through tremendous efforts to tear down the goodness we find. For one day, try to not agree with the pessimists in your life. Don’t argue, just don’t encourage. Then do it again tomorrow. 😉

Look for the goodness in life. Build it up and watch your relationship with Christ grow.


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