First Pastoral Council Meeting

Not to long ago, the priest in Somerset, and a good friend of mine, asked me to be on the pastoral council for St. Mary’s Catholic Church here in town. I had reservations, not because I didn’t want to serve the church, but because I look twelve. I’m 30, but the Lord blessed me with youthful looks I guess. Anyway, it is generally the more experienced members of a congregation who serve on the pastoral council. Here I am, a transplant from south texas, that looks like a high school kid, trying to weigh in on how the church should be run.

Well, I’m posting this the day after the meeting. And my reservations were from the devil, as always. The other members welcomed me with open arms and mutual respect. I think I’m going to enjoy this opportunity to give back to my church.

So why did I post this today? I know you guys don’t care that I’m on the pastoral council, and frankly, it’s none of your business anyway. 😉 But here’s the point – You must do the things that you think you can not do. They will ALWAYS make you a stronger and more influential person. The Lord knows we need more influential Christians in this world.


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