This Ranch Rodeo Thing Might Actually Turn Into Something

Tonni and a few of the other wives got to meet Darius Rucker!

Another sarcasm filled post brought to you by the San Antonio Livestock Expo, free beer, and two Johnnie Walkers.

Dangerously close to overindulgence. OK, fine, a little overindulgent, but safe.

Anyway, our committee treated the leaders of our circuit rodeos to dinner at the International Room and then the rodeo in the S.A.L.E. skybox. It was great fun, but also a fantastic opportunity to get to meet the people responsible for the great ranch rodeos that get produced throughout the year in South Texas.

They were unbelievable. The perfect example of what can happen when you take action. These guys aren’t trained fund raisers, professional stock contractors, or rodeo producers. There is no mindset for them to embrace in order to prepare them for what they do. There is only preparation and action.

What are you preparing to do? And when do you plan to take action?


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