Are you speaking God’s language?

The readings for today can be found at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website. Read through them slowly if you have time. On the surface, we see that the Genesis reading tells us about Babel. The city from which God scattered people all over the earth and gave us different languages. The Psalm reminds us that we, as God’s children, are blessed and Mark reminds us that we must deny ourselves in order to follow Christ.

Looking under the hood of today’s readings reveals a subtle whisper from Our Lord that tells us to care. To be humble. To Love.

I don’t pretend to know God’s thoughts, but stopping us from “doing whatever we presume to do, ” is more like keeping your child from the fire, not keeping him/her from going to college. In an effort to help us work together so He could work through us, different languages were necessary. We had to care then in order to learn each other’s speech. We had to speak His language. Love.

The New Testament reading takes it one step further driving home the fact that we, like the people at Babel, put ourselves before anything else. The only way to truly follow Christ is to put ourselves last. Selflessness is rarest of all here in America. It’s hard when you put your friends, even family, first and then get thanked by getting taken advantage of, or worse.

Remember, they don’t trample you on purpose. They don’t even know they are doing it. You do it too, and so do I. Therefore, don’t be so quick to think you’re getting the raw end of the deal. Just strive that much harder to live as Christ did. Deny yourself and pack your cross as best you can.

If we can do that, and speak God’s Love, today’s Psalm will ring true for us.

Blessed the people the Lord has chosen to be his own.


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