Thursdays, Thursdays

What a great day!

I knew before I headed south this morning that today would be fun. Morgan let me know that we were bleeding mares this afternoon and that that was the only thing planned. So what did I do?

Well, naturally I called a good friend of mine, Shannon DeLaunne, and we stuffed a Gooseneck full of horses and rolled south. After sorting a set of shippers that Dad had penned already we headed for the arena. Nothing like a cool, breezy South Texas team roping session before lunch.

We had horses tied everywhere. They surrounded us. Plenty of steers to rope. Plenty of horses to get ridden. A vision splendid.

Wish I had some pictures or video to share. We had a FLiP video camera. We even knew how to use it. 😉 We even set it up behind the heading box. And then, guess what…we forgot to turn it on.

So anyway, Doc Williams showed up around 1:20 with his two vet techs and we loaded up and went to the Little Quincy to get blood samples on 32 head of broodmares for coggins testing. Everything ran smooth and we were horseback at the arena again by 3:00.

Morgan met us a half hour later and then Mick and Dick showed up right after him. We’re full tilt now. Couple of older horses to aid in the process of bringing along the colts. It’s important to be able to shape a run for young heel horses. And young horses everywhere. Shaq and Morgan were shaping runs for me and Mellow Yellow. It was a little much for him just turning two, but he took it well and will be getting a much deserved break. Dick and Hercules had just finished helping me out with Bugsy. He’s really getting fun to heel on now and Dick has Hercules looking like he might make his first county roping this year. Mick and J. Tim had some lead issues but that’s why we’re down there. He looked good when he quit him.

What I really enjoyed was seeing Quail back in action under my good friend Shannon. They fit. Quail looked great and Shannon roped well, too. What surprised me was his little mare Lucy. She made her debut today in the arena and took it level and calm. Nice little mare.

Of course there were plenty others, like the little paint out of Franky and Morgan’s black mare and still others. I just don’t have time to include them all. And it would probably bore you anyway.

So here’s to one of those great we-roped-all-day-Thursdays.

I’ve got to hit the sack.


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