2009 South Texas Ranch Rodeo Finals

Horse Barn 2 will never be the same. We completed the 2nd Annual South Texas Ranch Rodeo Finals in the barn yesterday and it was a huge success. Our group was very excited about the feedback we received from sponsors and contestants. The building is a little small for the crowd we’re producing though so we’re going to tear it down.

That’s right, the 2009 STRRF was the last event Horse Barn 2 will ever see. Next year we will host the finals in a new state of the art equine facility.

This year saw some younger cowboys in the spotlight as well when we kicked off the McCoy’s Little Ranch Hand Rodeo. Can’t wait until the pictures come in. Check http://www.strrf.com for updates and pictures.

Congratulations to M & M Cattle Company!

Winning the Steer Loading, Steer Tying and the Milk Race put them over the edge for their successful defending of their championship win last year. Again, be sure to check out http://www.strrf.com for pictures and more information on M & M Cattle Company’s Championship.

Make plans to attend. It’s the fastest ranch rodeo you’ll ever see. Edge of your seat excitement from start to finish.


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