Have you ever been lost?

Cowboy Church, held every sunday during the San Antonio Stockshow and Rodeo, has been a popular event since it’s inception.

Yesterday, I was blessed by the invigorating message Pastor Jemerson shared with us. The energy and joy reverberated through everyone that joined him from his congregation over at 2nd Babtist. And by the time he was done, that energetic love for Christ had been sent through us all. To get such a reserved crowd participating in a service like he did just proves what a powerful voice for Our Lord he really is.

Anyway, he shared a story with us.

Have you ever been Lost? That’s a question. Answer it out loud, right now. Have you ever been lost?
I know this woman. She like to go to parties and get dressed up and what not. Well she’s always late. You know the drill. Of course my wife is not like this, 😉 but you know what I’m talking about.

Well she gets loaded up and heads to the party. Downtown San Antonio, Texas. Commerce St. She rollin to her party when all of a sudden she realizes that every single car on the road is coming in her direction. Do you know what she thought?

I guess the party is over.

She was on a four lane one-way street thinking, “I guess the party is over.” Pastor Jemerson laughed, “The party will be over if you don’t turn around and go the right way.”

John 14:6 is where Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father, but through me.”

There is only one way. Take some quiet, alone time and ask him where the party is. Sometimes the hardest part is to recognize when your lost, to pull over and ask for directions.


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