Baling wire, Duct Tape and Love

You guys that are familiar with ranch/farm life know what a staple baling wire and duct tape can be when you’re trying to hold all the pieces together.

There are quick fixes for the wrecks and messes in life just like baling wire and duct tape. The problem is that they hold together just long enough to mask the problem until you really need them… and then they fall apart: Just like baling wire and duct tape. 😉

If you drag yourself into a state of mind where you feel no pain, guess what… you won’t be feeling anything else either. God allows certain circumstances in our lives to arise in order to shape us into people worthy of entering his heavenly kingdom. Don’t despair.

Love, the true fix for the messes in life, will see you through it. Forgiveness may be required first. Forgive your friend, sibling, co-worker, brother, sister, etc. Forgive yourself. Love. And be loved.


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