Rugged Gear: Samsung Rugby A837 Phone


My wife got this phone for me for Christmas. Those of you who know me, know that very often I go off the grid for weeks at a time. And all too often too. Then when I finally get a chance to call you back, you get some weird story.

“Phone got stomped by a two-year old.”

“Slung my phone of the side of the trailer on southbound 37 somewhere between San Antone and Georgewest.”

“Dropped it in a water trough.” (that happens alot 😉 )

Well, I finally have the phone for me. It’s buckin-horse-stompin-highway-slingin-water-trough-droppin-proof and it’s 3G. I’ll save you all the marketer speak, but if you need a new phone and you are in the field often, you can’t beat this thing.

Actually, you can beat this thing. Soundly. And it still works. So good that I started this whole new category for the gear I use. And this phone is the A1 primo super power first in line to be included in the new Rugged Gear section.


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