A horse is a horse . . . And you?

Today’s readings drew me into the mind of the horse. I know, I’ve got horses on the brain all the time, but Isaiah had a few things to say today that reminded me of how these magnificent animals operate. It made me want to be more like them.

The first thing you have to realize when you’re working with horses is that that animal didn’t wake up and start plotting his master plan to make you look like a fool. It’s a horse. Anytime you get frustrated with a horse it’s because you aren’t communicating properly with that animal. If the horse doesn’t get it, it’s your fault. There’s no malice in the heart of a horse. Of course there’s no false, or painful speech coming from them. (unless maybe if you really pissed off Mr. Ed 😉 ) They’re just listening. Working. Always ready to make the next transition.

Luckily our Father in Heaven is a fantastic communicator. All we have to do is be more like the horses. Listen, work and be ready for the next transition.

Don’t forget to read today’s readings, especially Isaiah and the Psalm.


One thought on “A horse is a horse . . . And you?

  1. Hey James, I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog everyday. You inspire me. We are always so proud of you and Tonni. Love, Mom

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