If today you hear his voice…

If today you hear his voice . . . Get off your butt and do something about it.

Everyday we make decisions without Our Lord. How does it feel when people you are close to make decisions that affect you without having consulted you. Imagine, then ,how Christ feels. The difference is that even though we do this to Him all day every day, He still loves us, forgives us and actively seeks a better relationship with us.

One voice builds you up and one voice tears you down. Often the right thing to do, the thing that builds you up, is the hardest thing to do. But, you KNOW in your heart which voice is which. The most beautiful thing about life is that we get to choose which voice we adhere to. Listen to Him. If you are having a hard time with the war being waged within you, speak the words, “Satan, get behind me.”

Sound silly? So did side stepping the journey that lead to the cross. Side stepping that journey wouldn’t have sounded silly to me though. Sounds like a pretty good idea. But Christ new His voice. He listened to God and new the plans He had for Him.

And he did something about it. Everyday He did something about it. We all have so many responsibilities. So many things to suck the time from our schedules. Don’t let your time with God be a victim of your schedule.

Walk outside, sit on the tailgate and look up.

Ask your spouse what his/her favorite scripture is. If you or they don’t have one, now is the time to find one.

Or, buy a book. In the evening brew up a cup of your favorite hot beverage and read one page.

Here are a couple that I have loved:
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