Prayer or Horse Training

Too many words clutter the message.

No words at all is, in many cases, the best solution.

Listening is always better than speaking.

Asking is always better than telling.

There are no words that can describe your feelings upon getting results.

What are we talking about here? Prayer. No training horses. No Prayer. Anyway, it was enlightening for me to draw this analogy however long ago that it happened. I often speak of horses as a spiritual animal. Our souls, wrapped in leather.

Today’s Gospel reading reminded me of this because it was when Jesus taught us how to pray. Use less words. Get to the point and be humble.

Have you been packing around any grudges? It amazes me that Jesus could have prayed about so many things and yet forgiveness is what He uses to wrap up His prayer. Forgive us (here’s the important part) as we forgive …

Not before we forgive, AS we forgive. Our sins will be forgiven only if we forgive those who sin against us. Notice that the other person isn’t even mentioned. This is between us and Our Lord God. Who can you forgive right now? Do it. Let it go and surprise them with a hug the next time you see them.


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