Healing Prayer

Last night, our Faith Formation class, lead by Fr. Ed discussed healing. We saw a few clips fromt he 80’s movie Resurrection and then watched House. Yea, I know, he’s the anti-God smartass character wonderfully played by Hugh Laurie. The episode we covered though was from the first season I think and it was entitled House vs. God. It was full of great contemplative material regarding coincidence, healing, God’s work through natural law and on and on. It was great. Not your normal Faith Formation class, but lots of fun.

The main reason I’m covering this, though, is because I have some experience with healing prayer. I’m not an expert, I don’t have exceptional faith, I just know it works. My lovely bride was diagnosed with MS not too long ago. And without a doubt she does better when I pray for her in the mornings. This isn’t something I tested out. But, I’m human too and sometimes I forget. Then, one day Tonni tells me she’s having one of those days and I think, damn, I haven’t been praying for her.

She is consistantly better when I call upon the Lord to share His strength and healing with her so that she can carry out those passions He placed within her.

Have faith in your power to effect others’ lives. Have faith in your prayers. Have faith.


One thought on “Healing Prayer

  1. This is very true. Prayer is so powerful. It is what keeps me going. Thank you for your continued prayers. You are such a blessing to me.

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