Horses, Good Friends and … Aggie Basketball?!?

Professional Horseman, Chris LittlefieldThursday I picked up a little bay mare I started a while back that we call Brandi. I wish I had pictures of her because she’s a fantastic looking little mare. She is a solid bay daughter of Playboy Boonsmal and I new she was special from the very beginning. Mike Carter took her through her two-year old year and agreed with me that she would be worth putting some more time into.

I travel ALOT. And while showing, rodeoing, etc. I came to know an individual by the name of Chris Littlefield. Great guy, great horseman. Well, I talked my grandfather, J.M. O’Brien, into sending this little mare to Chris. So guess what… Now I’ve got to deliver her to Henrietta, TX – Six hour trip, one way, just east of Wichita Falls. Well, a good friend of mine, and former O’Brien Ranch employee Bo Crutchfield, works for Chris these days and just happened to be taking the weekend off. He was going to be in College Station all weekend. Well a drive to College Station sounded a lot better to me than that 6 hour drive to Henrietta.

And wouldn’t you know it, the aggies played Mizzou in basketball on Saturday afternoon. Oh, and they also had the Utes in baseball that evening. 😉

Now, I have to go. This goes way beyond “two birds with one stone”. Ryan Bellows, a childhood friend and basically family, and several other good friends of mine were also in town for the game. So we’re talkin’ like seven or eight birds with this stone man. Killer stone. 😉

The last time I went to a basketball game at A&M was when Barone was coaching. I know I’m dating myself here, but it was in G. Rollie and you could hear the crickets chirping in there. We could show up at the end of the first quarter and still sit courtside. I am not exaggerating. It was painful. When the administration decided to build Reed Arena, I thought they built it for graduation ceremonies. 😉 I mean seriously, Aggie Basketball?!?!

Boy was I surprised. We had a blast! I kept wondering over and over, “Who are these guys?” They were good. Actually, they were great. Beating Number 15 Missouri by twenty at the half. It was amazing. Reed was packed and rocking. You just think Kyle field can get loud. Put 12,000 Aggies in an enclosed building and see how loud they get. It was awesome. The guys had a brief Aggie moment with about 5 minutes left, but I guess Coach Turgeon reminded them that the game was still going on out there. After that they played great ball and held on to the victory. Great company, great team and great fun.

The guys gave me a hard time telling me that they’ve never seen me do anything that didn’t involve horses. However, Ryan jumped in and let them know that this was no exception. My truck was parked outside Reed complete with trailer and horse. I got to inform him that I had already delivered the mare but for some reason that didn’t help my case much with these guys. That’s OK though. Horses are my life. I got her delivered and had a great time relaxing a little and enjoying the company of a great group of men.

A little R&R is so important. Schedule your life or it will set a schedule for you. Spend your time on the important stuff. What’s most important is not WHAT we have in life, but WHO we have in our lives.

My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest. (Exodus 33:14)


2 thoughts on “Horses, Good Friends and … Aggie Basketball?!?

  1. You forgot to mention you got to spend your sunday with your favorite sister. J/K! We enjoyed the visit and are going to have to look on our calendar for when we can come back and eat at the Brazalian steakhouse. Matthew really wants to try and get him a meat hangover. Talk to you soon. Love ya!!

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