Is the third time really a charm?

Update:The vet report came back in on the horse. He had a twisted gut. For those of who don’t know horses all that well, a twisted gut is just what it says it is. However, it’s referred to as a REALLY bad colic. Colics (basically a bad belly ache for a horse) come in different flavors: compaction, sand and twisted gut. Twisted guts are instantly serious and usually result in death. Unfortunately, the little paint horse was no exception.

Original Post
This weekend was great. And then Sunday rolled around. There are plenty of details in this story that I’m going to leave out. I don’t want to dwell on any of it and it doesn’t help convey the message to get distracted by tangents.

We received a call from the man who was taking care of the horses. I had a paint two-year old gelding down in my round pen. Dead. I hadn’t even gotten the chance to ride him yet. He was a new arrival. And now he’s dead. So I scratched team roping plans for that afternoon, loaded my calf horse, colt, and stud and headed north.

On the way out, I had to run a check by my grandfather’s house for the ranch horse I sold for him in San Antonio. I was leaving a message for the owner of the horse that had died while heading over to John Morgan’s house when the black and tan coon dog gyp of my Dad’s fell under the trailer and got run over. She was running beside the truck playing with Gus and Lola in the back of my truck I guess and fell. Anyway, she’s dead.

I finally get back home and get the dead horse situation resolved. So I head out to feed the roping cattle and call it a day. A long and crappy day. What do I find? A dead roping calf. Seriously!?!? What the heck is going on man!?

A young horse, coon dog and a roping calf all goners. So I figured I could either write a country song and pop open a cold one, or get into scripture and post it here on the Spiritual Horseman. I decided on a hybrid. A cold one and scripture. Hey, I’m Catholic… and Irish. That’s just the way it’s going to be.

You might know there would be plenty of scripture covering loss and death in the bible. Yes, He gives and He takes away. Yes, He is a refuge for the oppressed. And so on, And so on. But this one caught my attention:

Isaiah 54:10
“Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the LORD, who has compassion on you.

This isn’t talking about how we should handle loss and death and frustration. This addresses how He handles it when, oh let’s say that hypothetically 😉 you have three animals die in one freakin’ day and you fly off the handle a little bit. Even though we forget Him, even though we neglect Him, even if we sometimes resent Him. . . He still loves us. His promise to us will never be broken.

That’s just straight up living by example. If we could only be half as strong. He doesn’t tell us how to handle loss. He just handles it and all we have to do is follow His lead. Who are you following right now?


One thought on “Is the third time really a charm?

  1. James, this is a wonderful way to look at the “challenges” life gives us. You make me proud. And there is nothing wrong with a “hybrid”… 🙂

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