It’s Ringing…Answer Him

Well, sometimes things just don’t work out. Or do they?

Proverbs 3:5-6 says

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

…”For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. Discussing God’s ways is like talking Nuclear Physics with a Penguin…it doesn’t make sense and the penguin’s not gonna understand anyway.

But, It’s so easy to look back at situations I was in years ago or even months ago and see how what I thought was a bad situation was the only circumstance that I could have been in at that time that would have lead me to where I needed to be.

The hard part, though, is this: Trusting in His plans for us when we have yet to experience that end result.

Many of you put so much effort into work, or maybe extracurricular, or a relationship, or whatever. With me it’s time and effort into training a horse. Guess what. It’s not always going to work out. Sometimes everything is just right and there’s no possible way you could be more prepared. There’s no possible way you could be more dedicated. And there’s no possible way that anyone wants it worse than you. Then you fail. What next?

I started showing horses in registered AQHA shows for the ranch in 2005. I grew up rodeoing and let me tell you horse show calf roping is a whole different ball game. My first one was at the San Antonio Stockshow and Rodeo. Nothing. Then Stephenville. Another nice run and nothing. I was furious. Why weren’t these guys placing me. You hear the same tired old stories about how ‘you have to have a name’ and ‘the politics are so bad’ blah blah blah. The bottom line is I didn’t deserve to be placed.

Well, I finally got some video and started analyzing my performance vs. winning performances. I break things down and study them on an all to regular basis but, that’s another story. Anyway, you can’t argue with what’s staring you right there in the face. So I worked with Bobby Lewis and C.R. Bradley a little bit and got ‘Roany’ to show quite a bit better. The very next year, Quail Bar Quincy (aka Roany) and I won Reserve World Champion Calf Roping Horse.

Now here is the interesting part. I was just getting into training horses professionally. If I had been placed right off the bat and gotten Roany’s performance Register of Merit pretty quick, (that’s a recognition of ability that the AQHA awards after winning a designated amount of shows for those of you unaware) I would have sold that horse within the year and moved to the next one. His ways, though, put me in a position to become a better calf horse trainer and win a Reserve World Championship in only my second year of showing.

I was clueless at the time. Well, I’m back. But this time it’s rodeo. The funny part is that the horse, Joe, is Roany’s full brother. I’m mad. He’s awesome. And my Lord and Savior is probably up there laughing His butt off right now.

He’s performing on his home turf and does pretty good away from home too. However, he’s bug eyed and overworking at the rodeos. I’m entering up and, in some cases, don’t even get to finish my tie since he’s draggin them out from under me.

So, I pray. Am I really supposed to be rodeoing right now? Am I leaving the path He’s layed out for me and that’s why it’s getting difficult? All I got was laughter.

Of course not. It’s the times that we are walking with Him that bring the most challenging work into our lives. If we’re with Him, He knows we can handle it. So I’ll stick with it. If he had a Reserve World Championshiop in store for the horse showing, who knows what’s in store rodeoing.

Find that thing in your life that rings true in your heart and fans the fire in your soul. It won’t be what you do to earn a paycheck in most cases. And it won’t be easy. What it will be is fullfilling. What it will be is a chance for you to get closer to Christ. That’s why He puts those desires in your heart, to bring you to Him. They are not childish dreams. They are a calling. Answer Him.


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