Blessed by Down Syndrome.

A very satisfying day of leaf raking has just been wrapped up. The rakes and scoops have been organized just so for retrieval tomorrow morning and a cold, frothy I.B.C. rootbeer just got popped open.

“You sure do good work Kevin,” I said as I walked over to see my new helper and give him the 5:30 soda he craves.

He smiled and said, “You know I do.” And only in a way that you have to hear to fully appreciate. He was happy, feeling generous and totally believed that he had done a fantastic job. And he did. He’s a leaf raking magician. It was blowing 20 miles an hour half the time he was working. Patiently, methodically, he layed out his plan and executed.

Kevin was born with Down Syndrome and just happens to live across the street from my wife and I just south of San Antonio, TX. He approached us the day before yesterday with a proposal. He needed some leaves to rake. Trust me when I say we have PLENTY to rake. We have three huge cottonwoods in our front yard and they produce one heck of a leaf crop.

He came over with his father, so I knew it was OK with them, but I still had reservations. I told them that we certainly did not expect him to do all of that, but he insisted. His dad was just smiling and shaking his head.

“Nope, it was my idea and it’s my treat,” Kevin stated when we tried to talk him out of it.

Long story short, Kevin is a worker. I wish we could hire him to feed horses and clean the barn. These high school kids these days don’t know what work is. Kevin does.

Kevin knows alot. He knows that you should be able to look around at the world surrounding you and see where you’re needed. He knows that you shouldn’t have to be invited in order to go there and provide your help. He knows that you shouldn’t expect anything from people when all you’re doing is what the Lord expects of you. And he knows how to smile.

Wow. And make people smile. The farrier and a good rodeo friend of mine were here today. They met Kevin and conversation revolved around him for the next hour or so. All three of us smiling the whole time.

He knows how to spread the Lord’s compassion and love. One kind act at a time. Thanks Kevin.

How about you? Notice anything in your life lately that could use your touch?


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