A little bit of hail never hurt anybody.

Cuervo in the rainOver on the Country Living group on Facebook I posted a discussion wanting to know what everyone did on rainy days that they don’t normally do. It’s usually a great time for me to get tack oiled up and get some organization done in the barn. Nowadays, there’s something else. I take pictures and post them on SpiritualHorseman.com 😉

There weren’t any cattle trapped down south so I got to stay home today.

Everybody under the barn. And I’m glad I did. We were blessed with a great rain today in the San Antonio, TX area. And hail came with it.

Everybody under the barn.

There’s a group of horses here that are not even used to rain, much less hail. It’s interesting to see how they handle new experiences.

Mellow Yellow is just that. He acts like he knows what’s going on, but it hasn’t stirred him up too much. Anticipated awareness.

Bugsy and Sugar are bouncin’ off of the walls. They are more along the lines of, “I gotta get outta here. I gotta get outta here.” Fear.

Cuervo didn’t mind the rain much. Rounded back, feet close together withdrawn underneath himself, ears back and head down . . . no worries. Then the hail came. He started out like Mellow Yellow by just kind of becoming aware. Then he eased off to the other side of the large round pen where he stays. Stopped and waited. Then off to another spot and stopped and waited. “Is it over here, how about over here, and here-is it hailing over here?” is what it seemed he was thinking. Never still for very long. Nervous.

Sway, an older reiner we have just turned her rear to that north wind and balled up. She has been in hail before. And she handled it the same way then. Irritated, but Care free.

Buck, another one of the two’s just stood there. Almost as if it were still a bright and sunny day. I’m not even sure if he knew it was hailing 😉 Clueless.

When the hail storms of life rain down on your plans, how do you handle it? Do you dart from here to there looking for the quick solution? Do you stick your head in the sand and pretend it’s not happening? Do you even know that it’s happening? (there’s a good post here)

Or, do you know what you need to do, adapt, persevere and move on?


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