Satan Bleeds Green and . . . Green

I know a bunch of Aggies. If you cut ’em open, they’d bleed maroon and white. Some of them even admit to it. Do you have a favorite ‘team’ that you root for? Most of us do.

Today’s readings include the ‘golden calf’ story. It’s in chapter 32 of Exodus. We don’t worship false idols, right? That’s crazy talk. Wouldn’t even think of it.

Have you ever made a decision based solely upon financial reasons? Do you plan things based entirely upon how much you benefit financially? Join the club. We’re cheering for Satan’s team. Bleeding green.

It seems as though we always look at the ‘golden calf’ story through judgemental eyes. Here these people are just hand delivered from the land of Egypt by the One True God and they are worshipping something else!?!? And there it is. We worry so much about what everybody else is doing when we should be looking within. They were doing it back then, and we’re doing it now. They didn’t even realize, and niether do we.

Only now, it’s the dollar. The devil gets into your life whether you know it or not. Recognizing him is hard, but it’s the easy part. Overcoming him and removing him is the hard part. Satan’s lifeblood is something you’ll recognize pretty easily. It’s the green-back. The American Dollar.

Married folk – How many fights have you had with your spouse that turned out to really be about money? Single folk – How many times have you been guided somewhere you know you shouldn’t be because of money?

It doesn’t matter how much we spend. That’s not the point. We can be high rollers if we want, but it’s how the money is spent that matters. You can’t buy the things in life that matter. Relationships, Time, Peace, Love. You can, however, spend money that benefits those things in life that matter. If you ask Our Lord how to spend, he’ll let you know. And you’ll be surprised by His answer.


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