Stan Sigman – Namgis Quarter Horses

Namgis Quarter Horses
This morning found us in Hondo, Texas looking at some fantastic broodmares and an exceptional all-around stallion. Oh, and we had some work to do as well. Primarily, our purpose for being at Namgis Quarter Horses was to discuss the direction of Stan Sigman’s brand. In this case, we’re not talking fire brand. We’re talking logos, web site, print materials, etc. The things that represent your business when you’re not there to represent it yourself.

RanchForeman specializes in doing this for horse related businesses. It’s a blast and keeps my wife and I in the horse business even when we’re in the office and working the ‘real’ job.

We discussed the Namgis branding strategy in Sigman’s new office at the arena pictured above. Everything has a place. There’s corporate memorabilia from Sigman’s former career, western art, a lounging area with live video streams from the arena, breeding lab, and stalls. There’s also a bar custom built to house a collage we put together for his stallion, Bucks Hancock Dude.

These details aren’t being shared to convey envy, or any other emotion. They’re being shared to demonstrate entrepreneurial thinking.

Everyday you can be an entrepreneur, a manager or a technician. No doubt your life/job will need all three at varying times. However, most of us get bogged down in the details. Email, support, phone calls, feeding horses, cleaning stalls . . . technician tasks. When we do this, we just get through the day. When we step back and plan for our life or our business, we can execute and move forward. The office of Namgis Quarter Horses had people behind it that stepped back from the details and had some foresight to know what they needed moving forward. The ability to host events, watch over foaling mares and conduct business. That would not have happened if the details, the technician tasks, were most important. Details are important, but not most important.

It has been such a blessing, to meet people like the Sigman’s and have the opportunity to aid them in achieving their next dream – Success in the horse business. We have no doubt that it’s going to happen either. Entrepreneurial thinking didn’t stop with the office. Mr. Sigman extensively researches the Namgis mares that he is putting together and has a rigorous culling program in store for those who aren’t a good cross on his particular stallion, Bucks Hancock Dude.

For those of you not familiar with the horse business, finding mares that cross well on a stallion is VERY difficult. Having a proven (point and money earning) mare and a proven stallion doesn’t always mean that you’re going to get a nice colt. Some bloodlines cross well and some do not. Stan Sigman has gathered high-profile mares with varying genetics and has his first large colt crop hitting the ground as this is being written. Beautiful babies. He’ll have them started on his ranch, place them in training and evaluate them as performers. This happens over the course of several years. At this point they’ll be sold and he’ll have a better idea of which mares are giving him the best babies. Some mares will inevitably be sold in order to be replaced with mares who have similar genetics to those producing the best babies. Sound like a challenge?

Stan Sigman is used to challenges. This is the man who brought AT&T Wireless into Cingular for around $41 billion dollars and then stood on the stage with Steve Jobs to announce the iPhone eleven days later. He has plans. Then he takes action.

Try not to get bogged down in the the technician tasks in your life. Step back every now and then for a breather. Don’t set goals, create a plan to reach goals. Then take action. Who knows, maybe next time we’ll be over to your office/arena taking pictures. 😉


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