Stick to your guns

Peter's escape from prison.Many, Many colts come through here and everyone of them is different than the last one. In order to get the same results from different horses, you have to get pretty creative. Lots of thought goes into setting up a situation in order to get a young horse to decide it wants to do a certain thing. And it doesn’t always workout as planned. You can’t jump ship and start over doing something else or mass confusion will set in. You have to stick with it. Keep after the original concept until you get the response you were looking for. That’s why it’s so important to put some thought into your goal before you get started. Because if you don’t believe in what your doing to get the response you need, you’re going to start doubting yourself if it doesn’t go smoothly.

In Today’s Readings Daniel shares the story of three men who are rescued by an angel from the furnace of King Nebuchadnezzar. The only reason they got to see that angel is because they stuck to their guns. It sure would have been easier to hit their knees when the King told them to. However, they stayed true to what they believed.

Then in John’s Gospel, Jesus shows us perseverance as well. Though the people continue to deliver a barrage of ridiculous statements, questions, and accusations Jesus calmly guides them back to the Truth. Even though He knows that that truth is going to end with Him being thrown into the ‘furnace’ as well.

He knew, though, that His God and Father would be there to rescue Him. Know that He is there for you. Be steadfast in your efforts to walk the line. Doing right will almost always get you ridiculed by someone. Sometimes it will be even worse. Stick to your guns. Your angel is waiting.

P.S. The other time an angel appears in a ‘rescue’ situation is when Peter escaped from prison. Another great story of perseverance. Here it is.


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