Hal is a calf roper. He meets a good friend of his at least once a week and they trot out into the pasture to the arena and rope calves. A couple years back, Hal was given a son of the great Doc O Dynomite by Mr. John Scott. This horse was the real deal. No amount of money could touch him. And he knows it. You can see it in his eyes. He’s one of the great ones, but he has nothing to prove. His new job is to take care of Hal. And he does.

Hal works hard. He recently told a good friend of mine that he just couldn’t get to those calves like he wanted to be able to so he started running wind sprints in the mornings. He practices every week. And tries to make a calf roping every weekend.

That horse he’s got makes it look easy. You can see that he knows that he is one of the great ones. But he just cruises out there and lets Hal rope. He puts those smaller calves on the ground for him so he doesn’t have to get them up. He can just tie them down right there.

You see, Hal is 78 years old. His buddy that ropes with him every week is rollin by 80. They’d rope every day they say, but it hurts too bad.

Now I’ve seen Hal get down the rope, and I can’t imagine how long that set of wind sprints takes him in the morning. 😉

But, that’s not the point. Dedication. That’s the point. Planning like we’ll live forever and living like we may die tomorrow.


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