Palm Sunday: No Happy Endings, Only New Beginnings

Today’s Readings prepare us for the holy week approaching as Easter Sunday draws near. They share a message of self-sacrifice, which is what Lent is all about, and the Passion.

Fr. Ed delivered a wonderful message. Beginnings.

Green horses, young horses and finished horses leave the barn for a new home when their time has come. Clients will arrive with high hopes, watch their prized possession go through the motions and then load up and head out. It usually goes well and there’s another happy ending.

Well, Fr. Ed gave me a new way to think about it today. It also applies to just about everything else in my life . . . and yours. There is no ending for that horse that leaves. Only a beginning. The beginning of its relationship with someone else.

I’m left to focus on what’s to come for the horse instead of what has been. And with other circumstances in life, it’s the same. A whole different mindset. With every change from now on, I’ll be eagerly anticipating where Our Lord is leading me now. Close your eyes and take that step. Or Leap. A leap of faith into your new beggining.


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