Would you know Him if you saw Him?

Today’s Readings confirm to us that although Christ has died, His love and works are still alive and well. The first reading tells of Peter heeling in the name of Christ.

The Gospel reading shares a story more similar to the footsteps on the beach story. Although Christ had just been crucified, He joined Cleopas and his companion on their way to Emmaus on the third day. The two disciples didn’t recognize Him. He shared wisdom with them like they had never heard and yet they still didn’t see Him.

Such is life. God puts people in our lives everyday. He works through them and we never recognize Him. Look for Christ in everyone. He’s there. Thank them for the good that it is in them. It will do them well to hear it.

You know the drill. Most of the time we don’t hear anything unless it’s complaining. Let someone hear something else.

I’d share more about the readings from today, but they’re so good you really need to read them for yourself. Go Here »


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