Stand for what is right.

Lynn Cadell is a humble gentleman from South Central Texas who enjoys a good team roping when he can fit it into his schedule. Neck surgery placed quite a restriction on the movement of his neck permanently making him a heeler rather than a header.

Lynn attended the San Antonio Stockshow and Rodeo this past February during the Select Sale. The San Antonio Select Sale is an auction held by Dale and Donna Segraves where 300 registered quarter horses and paint horses are sold to the highest bidder.

Well, Mr. Cadell hadn’t planned on buying anything, but when the gavel dropped on a good looking young buckskin filly, he was the highest bidder. And he was psyched. She was nice and he picked her up for what he thought was a bargain.

Evidently, the owners thought so, too. Lynn went and paid for his new filly, signed the ticket, and eased back to her stall to get a good look at her. There he was met by the should-have-been-ex-owners who asked him what he was doing. I wasn’t there, but I can only imagine Mr. Cadell in his most authoritative effort coming off more inquisitive than anything else as he told them that he was looking at his new horse.

“We didn’t sell her, ” they told him.

“Well somebody did because I’ve got the signed ticket right here, ” Lynn said.

Lynn was upset at this point, but just like SO MANY other good Christian people, he let it go. So, the people who brought the horse and didn’t follow the proper procedure to pass on the sale got to take the horse back home. And the people who held a sale, sold a horse, and completed paper work for the sale of the horse didn’t have to do anything. And the man who did everything right . . . got screwed.

Herman Rose of 7HR Quarter Horses was at this sale as well. He was on the other end. He consigned a very nice two-year old son of Smart Chic Olena. The colt was the third high selling horse of the sale and the highest selling two-year old. Congrats to Mr. Rose.

Well, not so fast. Mr. Rose got a call almost thirty days later. The new owners claimed that the horse only had one testical. They had a vet, Dr. Keller of Sonora, inspect the colt and declare that both visually and by palpation, it was determined that the horse had only one testical.

Segraves called Mr. Rose and he quickly let them know that he would take the horse back. He told Mr. Segraves that he had not inspected the colt and that he honestly had no idea. I’m sure Segraves had heard that before. Long story short, the horse was returned.

BUT, that’s not all. The colt has two testicals. The whole situation turned on it’s head when the colt arrived back to 7HR Quarter Horses. You can easily see both testicals when you’re just standing next to the horse. I’ve seen them. We were on location taking pictures unrelated to this situation for Mr. Rose’s website when he asked me to take a look.

So . . . The guy who paid for the horse, took him home and manipulated medical information on the animal got his money back. The auctioneer who sold the horse, provided all the legal paperwork to make sure that this doesn’t happen and allowed it to happen anyway got off free and clear – again. And the man who consigned one of the best horses in the sale and bent over backwards to be helpful when he thought he was in the wrong . . . got screwed.


Yes, Our Lord instructs us to be humble and contrite. However, we forget that He also asks us to stand for something. For Him. It’s not our job to be humiliated, but to have humility. We aren’t here to cower to the unrighteous in an effort to be meek. We are here to discipline the unrighteous and yet not lord it over them, but be merciful.

Proverbs 10:17 “He who heeds discipline shows the way to life, but whoever ignores correction leads others astray.”

Work to stand for what is right even if it means conflict. Most Christians are humble people and if they stand to benefit, they feel like they are taking advantage of the situation. However, by allowing the unjust to benefit from their ways, we are actually leading them astray.


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