5 Best “Good Guys” in a Western Movie

It’s hard to walk the line. Temptation is everywhere. We all fall, and we’ll probably fall again. However, there are a few impervious to the will of Evil . . . even though they’re fictional and never existed. 😉

Here’s five of the best ‘white hat’ characters from a western movie. These guys walk the line.

Wil Andersen

Woodrow F. Call

Jim Craig

Mathew Quigley

Roy Rogers

I wanted to list 10, but pickins are slim when you’re looking for good guys in a great western. If you know of some more, leave them in the comments. Just click the comments link below, or click the title of this post and scroll to the bottom.


4 thoughts on “5 Best “Good Guys” in a Western Movie

  1. Don’t know if everyone will agree, but I enjoyed the character Ben Johnson played in My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys, Jesse Dalton.

  2. You can’t forget these “Whitehats”.

    Hoss – Bonanza
    Lane Frost – 8 Seconds
    George – Pure Country
    Morgan Earp – Wyatt Earp

  3. I loved the movie The Cowboys! It has always been one of my favorites and I found out not too long ago, my husband was supossed to have been one of the kids riding in it, but for some reason he didn’t make it.

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