See the miraculous in the common

“The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today is just another day. Surely you’ve all been there. . . You take a trip, celebrate an accomplishment, experience a loss, form a new relationship and guess what, life goes on. Be mindful of those days when nothing is happening. Those are the days when all your exciting days are being planned. Those are the days when you have to rejoice in the grind.

Luke is a three-year old that is in that inbetween stage. He is really riding around great. He has a smooth crossing over turn-around and a great stop.

But now it’s time to move on. He’s learning to be a calf roping horse. He has plenty of gas, and lots of cow. But right now, we’re in the grind. He gets lost every now and then, sometimes he’s a little late finding his stop, etc. These are all normal things with young horses, but that doesn’t make it any easier to stomach. I’d rather be showing him at a horse show or entered in a rodeo. This is the hard part.

These are the days that lead up to the “big day”. These are the days that nobody sees. This is the grind. But in the grind, there is greatness.

In Today’s Readings, there are two instances of being aware of the spectacular that lies within normal everyday things.

First the apostles rejoice in being punished for the sake of the name of Jesus Christ. They are simply doing the things that Jesus told them to do. They are called before the Sanhedrin and flogged for it.

There are two things to pull from this. First, punishment isn’t always punishment. And second, they would never have had the chance to suffer for Christ’s sake had they not diligently worked on his behalf in the temples and in their homes during the days leading up to their “punishment”.

In the Gospel Reading today Jesus shares the five loaves and two fish with the crowd. What amazes me with this story really isn’t part of the story. It’s something that Fr. Ed shared with us. Here is Jesus, the Son of God. He could divine a steak dinner for every man and child present if he wanted to. But the scholars teach a different kind of miracle. In those days everyone traveled with a little bit of food. An emergency ration. The miracle that occurs here is that Our Lord was able to convince everyone there to share their rations with other people. Think about this. Can you imagine getting 5,000 people together and convincing them all to help feed one another. Truly that would be more difficult than divining a loaf of bread for everyone. To convince, on a normal day, normal folks to love and care for one another. Truly that was the miracle.


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