You don’t have to be Stephen, but be somebody.

Today’s Readings lead us down the road of reflection. Do we believe? Do we truly believe? And is believing alone enough?

If one truly does believe, they won’t stop there. The desire for action burns in the heart of believers. And so those seeking God’s ways can never stop at simply believing. Stephen understood this, spoke of this, lived this and died by it as well. He was the first to die for Christ. The first martyr.

The gospel reading from today also deals with belief. Are we seeking bread just to satisfy our growling bellies? Or do we yearn for more than that, something larger than ourselves? Only you can answer that question for you. And only me for me.

Build faith by building character. Build character by resisting the small injustices in life. Just pick one today, like gossip. And serve. Serve Him by backing Him up in your daily life. Be Somebody. Be the person He made you to be.

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