Philosophical Thursday

Et tu Thursday?

Yesterday was a long one. Not because of work, or hours (although 5:45 am to midnight makes for a long day) but because it deceived me. Thursdays have a purpose. Cattle work, horse training, ranch work, selling horses, etc. Yesterday was no exception. The daily morning feeding rounds, fixing a water trough on the south end of the Bunny Heard pasture, and re-starting a group of 4-year old geldings were scheduled for the morning. The afternoon was reserved for showing some horses to a couple of prospective buyers.

Well, the scheduled-to-arrive-after-lunch prospective buyers pulled in around 10:00am. The rest of the story boils down to this – this Thursday was cooked. Shot. Wasted. Whatever.

The fact that the new crop of geldings didn’t get worked coupled with the fact that I didn’t rope that well frustrated me to no end. But the kicker was when our plan changers, who were trying a head horse decided that it wasn’t a good fit without ever heading a steer.

Now this Thursday was really a waste.

Fastforward to the early evening. Morgan was talking about a black horse that Matt Pettrus wanted to try and Dick was adding details about a horse he had with the same history.

They had both been hooked. BAD.

Now these horses spook at everything. Just taking the head rope off of the steer after a run was a major undertaking for a while. When Matt called Morgan about the black horse we call Black Magic, it went something like this.

“Hey Morgan. I’d like to come try that black horse I talked to James about, ” Matt said after the usual damn-I-wish-it-would-rain-pleasantries that everyone exchanges in South Texas.

“I tell you what. You come pick that black horse up and take him to your house and you can do whatever you want with him, ” came Dad’s reply. “You need to know what he is.”

“Well, will he go in the box?” Matt asked.


“Well, is he nervous in there?”

“Nope. He’s pretty nice in the box. Scores nice, Matt,” Morgan siad.

“Well what the hell is wrong with him?” Matt finally asked, a bit bewildered.

“You just come pick him up, ” Morgan told him.

“I will, Morgan. I always liked the looks of that horse,” Matt said.

And so it went for a while as Dick and Dad recounted stories about the horses they’ve ridden that had been hooked in the pasture. They all seemed to have that same characteristic. They trusted nothing. They thought anything, anytime could be the next thing that hooked ’em.

Earlier that afternoon, in my frustration, I quite vocally let my uncles and Dad know about my unsatisfactory opinion regarding the day. But, these stories taught me something. I can’t let one situation cause me to think that every single similar situation could be the next thing that “hooks me”. Otherwise, I’ll go through life ‘spooked’ and not being able to accomplish anything.

Think about the thick brush in your life, what may lie around the corner that your worried about and can’t see. Then stop. Stop thinking about it. ‘Cause you can’t do anything about it. Listen to Him. And plow through that brush. That’s the only way you’re ever going to get anywhere.

Today’s readings talks about Ananias. Talk about being spooked. He had to go talk to the guy who was killing all the Christians. Wow.

And since he did. We have Paul. Don’t be spooked. You may be the next instrument of His.


5 thoughts on “Philosophical Thursday

  1. I know all too well about one thing tripping up the days plans.

    I set out to ride a horse thinking we might work on departures, or collection, or something else, but the minute I throw my leg over their back and settle into the saddle, it becomes apparent this ride is about something altogether different.

    Other times I get ready to ride and something just feels ‘off’, so it becomes a day of groundwork instead. If I make it that far. Pipes breaking, faucets leaking, horses coming up lame for no rhyme or reason(???)

    Just got to roll with the punches and deal with everything as it comes. Getting upset about it doesn’t do any good. Doesn’t usually even make you feel any better about it either.

  2. So true CNJ. In fact, getting upset about it usually makes things worse, doesn’t it? Thanks for sharing.

  3. Um, yeah. Best to just go kick rocks.

    Otherwise something else gets broken and now it needs fixin’ or replacin’ and takes time money or both.

  4. The paragraph about the thick brush in our lives and what lies around the corner was just what I needed to read today. We all need to look at life this way, and sometimes we need to be reminded. Thanks for reminding me today.

    Lace told Kimber about your website and Kimber told me. You are doing a great job–I can’t wait to read it every day.

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