National Prayer Day Set for Thursday

Thursday, May 7, 2009 has been designated a National Day of Prayer and the theme is “Prayer . . . America’s Hope.”

In these uncertain times, it’s only fitting that hope should be something everyone relies upon. And it’s no surprise that the theme chosen by our current administration relies heavily on the hope/change mantra. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. Depending on your particular flavor of hope.

I guarantee over 100,000 people attending the Kentucky Derby today were extremely hopeful. Especially the people who bet on Mine That Bird. At 50-1, come on they would have had to be crazy, but they’re all geniuses now. 😉

This is Senorita. She’s a four year old in training here to compete in Reined Cowhorse events. I have ALOT of hope for her. She’s talented, she’ll definitely have arena presence and she’s very trainable. Only time will tell if she succeeds in the show pen.

But is winning bets at the Derby or getting a horse from baby to show horse really what hope is all about?

Those of you with children, go look at them right now. What do you feel? Now we’re getting close to feeling the hope that we should pray for on Thursday. Hope that is pure, unrelated to personal gain and still valuable enough that we would do anything for it to succeed. That’s what I hope for in your life. That you will have something like that to hope in.


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