Spiritual Fuel

I’m busy. My wife and I both stay very busy. Too busy. When Marvin Shurley passed away we had to head out to Sonora for the service. Marvin was a close family friend. While we were there I noticed something about Tonni (my wife).

She was filled with love and joy. There’s no other way to say it. There was no toothy grin, for this was a solemn time, but the peace in her heart was so obvious. She was in her element.

West Texas speaks to her the same way South Texas speaks to me. Even when she’s gone, she is there. And it works the other way as well. West Texas comes with her when she leaves. It’s in her eyes, her smile, her body language. She has been hugged by God.

So, when some friends of ours suggested a quick trip out west, we jumped on it. I absolutely love to see new country and Tonni, well, I think we’ve covered how she feels about West Texas. So we’re out of town until Wednesday. Posts will be automated. I’ll respond to any comments when we return.

God romances us all. And a couple of West Texas sunsets will definitely speak to our hearts. Take a chance to get outside. It doesn’t have to be a trip. Just get outside and listen. Watch and be patient. He’ll romance you too.


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