Best Tough Sunglasses EVER

The equipment I use takes a pretty good beating. Regularly. Just as I discussed in the Samsung Rugby most of my stuff needs to be buckin-horse-stompin-highway-slingin-water-trough-droppin-proof. (Which is why I don’t have a camera anymore.)

Well these sunglasses are. My Maui Jim Kapalua Sunglasses are unbelievable. There are huge gashes in the lenses from being stomped on. One of the plastic ear pieces was stripped from the frame when a new two-year old took them off the fence and ran off with them. Needless to say, he did not return them in the same condition as when he picked them up.

But everytime, I just bend them back and I’m back in business. And they look good too. Anyway, it’s that time of year, so if you’re an adventurer/hard worker, these are the specs for you.


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