The little red dun filly went ’round and ’round today when it was time for her to be caught. She knows the drill, but she’s had some time off. So I let her run. It didn’t take long for her to decide that getting caught wasn’t such a bad thing. There’s no use in trapping her to get her caught sooner. Then I’d just have to trap her every time. And believe me that gets old. So I just gave her time to remember. She knows how to catch up and she did.

She saddled up great, though she was a bit squirmy. Again, it’s been four days. That’s a LONG break for a just-started-two-year-old. So I didn’t worry about it too much. She’ll settle back in by tomorrow.

Then out we went. She was a bit nervous heading out to the pasture but still guided around just fine. I began to notice that she was anticipating quite a ride. So I eased her into a trot and that was all she had to do today. Her and everybody else. Guide around on loose rein at a trot. Transition into a walk and back to a trot. Complete tight circles and large circles; All at a trot.

Her anxiety melted away. After her break, she must have been expecting a “Get back out there and get to work!” kind of day. Sometimes when they’re just itching to rip and run, you have to let them relax. They usually aren’t trying to run because they want to run.

They are trying to run because they don’t know what else to do.

Sometimes we just need to slow down. Listen. Relax.

He may not be asking us to run.


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