Advocacy: the pursuit of influencing outcomes

Today’s Readings begin to share the adventures of Paul. As Easter season winds down, we transition from rememberance to taking action. John’s gospel shares an intimate moment with Christ when He tells his disciples of the coming advocate. Was this Paul? Is it you?

We are all called to be advocates. Truly, the fear of sharing one’s ideas is rooted in the devil’s whispers. All of us are blessed with passions for something. If all we did was make the world better for our particular passions, the world would be a more joyous and Christian-like environment.

Being an advocate for Christ doesn’t always mean going around thumping your bible and pointing at scripture. In fact, if we were just better examples for the couple of people we see everyday, we would be an advocate for Christ.

My advocacy goal comes into play with what we do with RanchForeman. We are building a new right now that will have one solitary goal. Reinstate the integrity of the horse business. If you’re in the horse business, you know this will be quite the challenge. However, through education and example, we can make it happen. And in doing so, we will be sharing Christ’s love and influence.

What are you passionate about? Be Christ’s advocate in your niche of the world.


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