Actions Speak Louder Than Words

It’s a good thing they do, too. Because you wouldn’t have any idea what was going on in horse racing if all you had were the words of Calvin Borel. Unless you speak fluent brush-track-cajun, you’d be lost.

There’s not a horse one that’s lost under him though. They understand him. They hear him loud and clear. In case you didn’t click on the links above, Calvin is the jockey who won the Derby aboard Mine That Bird. Then he surprisingly left the gelding for a chance to ride the mare Rachel Alexandra in the Preakness. What!?!? Who leaves the Kentucky Derby winner to get on a mare? A mare hasn’t won the Derby since 1924. The guy who whooped everybody’s butts on Rachel Alexandra to break that streak, that’s who. Calvin Borel. That’s who.

Well, now he’s at it again. He may be leaving Rachel Alexandra. This time I don’t think it’s a personal choice as Rachel Alexandra’s owners just aren’t sure they want to run her again. The Belmont will make three big races in seven weeks. You have to remember. These are only three-year-olds.

Who knows who he’ll be on, but here’s to Calvin Borel. I hope he takes the Jockey Triple Crown. I know it doesn’t really exist, but he deserves it anyway.

Anybody can go through life frustrated and angry. I’m not special. My life’s not harder than anybody else’s. You’re not special either. Life’s hard. That’s it. It was hard for Calvin. And look where his attitude got him. It certainly wasn’t his silver tounge and eloquently enunciated prose. Our example, our demeanor, even our body language around the people in our lives influence them. Be the influence. Send the right message and you will be understood. Do it without words and you will be raised up. Calvin is on the way.


One thought on “Actions Speak Louder Than Words

  1. We watched the replay of the Preakness, missed the race, but caught the stadium jumping portion of the Rolex 3-Day Event before everything… *shakes head*

    The jockeys words sounded more east-coast-backstretch to me than brush-track-cajun.

    But what does it matter really, when you can ride like he does and get to sit on horses of that caliber? And have your pick of which ones you ride?

    Maybe Visa should add a jockeys bonus to what they offer.

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