Thursday Word – Mr. Miyagi

Update: I think the Thursday Word Contest got me in trouble with Google. It has been canceled and the page has been pulled down. Sorry Google. Didn’t mean to violate anything.
I will still have a Thursday Word just for kicks. It’s always interesting to see what’s going to come up on Thursday’s.
We want this.


Today I was up and at ’em. Not sure why, but it just felt like a good day for a Thursday trip south. Oh, and our hay truck was supposed to arrive around 7:30 am. I ordered the hay this time and it shipped from Wyoming. It’s the same operation that sends hay to Keeneland. I know, whoop di do – just thought it was an interesting side note.

So I loaded up three of the two’s and one older gelding and got on the road early.

Upon arriving at the ranch I noticed two things.

  1. The hay truck was not there.
  2. And J.M. was pimpin the long, untucked shirt tail.

Yep, it was going to be a good day.

Well, since I ordered the hay and the hay had not arrived, I was the lucky guy who got to hear all of the silly a$$ questions about where the hay truck was. That’s just how it is. Plenty of ribbing goes on down there. Anyway, I’m quite certain that everyone, including myself, was secretly glad that over 560 bales of timothy/alfalfa was missing in action.

Everyone went about their day. Morgan and I got everything fed and then returned to the ranch to catch and saddle horses. Then right before lunch we penned one of the broodmare bands in order to pick up the black Gay Bar King stud. When that went smoothly and he was back in the stud barn we headed back to the Murphy pasture for some cow work. Dad took the little sorrel mare Fritz Linney rode for a while and I was on the bay paint gelding I’ve been starting in the heeling.

We penned the cattle out of the west trap on the south side of the Murphy and then started shaping them up. Morgan planned on sorting the older cattle out of the bunch and then sending them through the barn. The little rain they got down there was a blessing, but the pastures aren’t ready for what’s in store. Pick up the studs and ship the old cows – The dog days of summer are upon us.

We got all of them situated and cut the calves off so we could mother ’em up after lunch. Still no hay truck.

After lunch we headed back to the pens and mothered those calves. Morgan figured one of them had a calve and turned out she did. So we loaded the pair along with the rest of the shippers and were about to head for the Bee County Livestock Commission.

Tonni called. She told me she just got some strange message where a guy said, “Yea I’m sitting out here with a load of hay and . . . nevermind, somebody’s here.” No other info. Dadgum truck drivers.

Then Dad’s phone rang. Yep, our hay was here.

We left the cattle parked in the shade and headed for the hay barn in the roping horse trap. Then I was introduced to a new way of hauling hay. A 53 foot Midway Line eighteen wheeler trailer, or van, was parked at the barn. WHAT!?!?!

That’s right, slowly but surely we unloaded those bales from inside that dang hotbox. Over 560 bales of fun.

The only thing that kept us moving was Kelley’s comedic honesty about how much he was hurtin’ and Mick’s coverage of his latest horse. Mr. Miyagi.

Yep, Mr. Miyagi. I have no idea why he’s named that and he may have received the name that very second. And he may have a different name tomorrow. But today it was Mr. Miyagi. Dick once had one he called Captain Kirk – Star Ship Enterprise. Yes, he said the whole thing every time he talked about him. I have no idea where they get this stuff. So the Thursday Word is Mr. Miyagi..

Mathew 18:3 I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

Our Lord blesses all of us with a child like demeanor. Don’t wipe it out. Embrace it. It will make the good times great and the bad times bearable. There’s nothing like hitting that 400th bale and then trying to figure out why anybody in their right mind would name a horse Mr. Miyagi. Just like those bales, sometimes life just keeps landing punches. One after another after another. Keep that child-like spirit with you always. And if you ever need a pick me up, come see the cuates.


2 thoughts on “Thursday Word – Mr. Miyagi

  1. Nothing like 500+ bales of hay to bring out the kid in everyone… 🙂 Thanks for reminding us to find that silver lining in all we do. With a good attitude you truly can make anything bearable. Keep up the good entertainment and excellent messages.

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