Duty Calls

I am honored to get to post today as a guest. This is Tonni and I am filling in for James as he serves our government as a juror. As you read the other day, he was summoned, and surprisingly he was just what they were looking for! While I think both he and I would rather him be at the house going about daily business, I am glad someone with his moral compass is sitting in the juror’s box. How long will this take? That is the million dollar question. Hopefully it will wrap up soon and he will be back to daily posts to Spiritual Horseman as usual. Stayed tuned…

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite posts from Spiritual Horseman. If you are a vetern to the blog, I’d love to hear which are your favorites.

See the Miraculous in the common
The Struggle
Comfort Zones
Blessed By Down Syndrome


One thought on “Duty Calls

  1. Wow, thanks for not letting folks get bored Tonni. She’s usually not that formal guys. You can see what I mean if you check out her blog.

    Be back tomorrow with a great post that is a response from Arlen Walker’s comment on the post – UP.

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