Ask Readers: Where do you find inspiration?

Update: How to make better decisions, the follow-up to this post is now available.

Many times I find myself wondering how some people can be so *&%$#! cheery ALL OF THE TIME.

How are some others SO WISE?

Or why are some SO NEGATIVE?

The bottom line is that we are all influenced by someone or something. No person is above influence. Well, a book has recently come to my attention and since I have been in jury duty, I’ve already completed it. 😉

There were many “secret” concepts regarding how our brain works. You’ve got to hear this stuff, but before we get started, please vote in the poll below. You select up to two choices but you can select only one if you wish.

[poll id=”2″]

If you wish to share a different source of inspiration than those that are listed, feel free to do so in the comments. Poll voting is anonymous. Even if you leave a comment, please vote in the poll.

The follow-up post is going to use the data from the poll so please vote. It’s anonymous so please be honest. I know everybody doesn’t read their bible every night. 😉


3 thoughts on “Ask Readers: Where do you find inspiration?

  1. I just wanted to kickstart things with my own vote. I love to see the weather change. It does my heart good. And feeling a young horse “get” it. There really is no reason for horses to understand anything we try to communicate to them. But they do. Those two things truly make me aware of that something that’s greater than myself.

  2. James I voted for nature, but I’d like to explain why. I know that God created everything in the world, and that as humans we are expected to follow the example Jesus set for us. We cannot do that as perfectly as he did and we fall short every day. Nature though was created by the Almighty and he gave it to us to preserve and protect….for our enjoyment. I can look around at any of the many wonders in this world, however big or small they may be, and see another one of God’s gifts to us. I am inspired by nature.

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