Texas Equine Incentive Bill 1881 PASSES

Just wanted to pass along an exciting update regarding the equine incentive bill (1881). SpiritualHorseman.com has been following it’s progress for a while. If you’d like the whole story, you can catch up with the following posts:

Well it’s official, the bill passed!
So get your $30 ready and get your babies into training early. This thing is going to pay like a slot machine for at least a few years anyway. Read the following press release from Diane Chilton of RadicalRodder.com for more information.

Austin, TX May 31, 2009

Texas has a heritage of bravado. Everything is bigger in Texas. Texans don’t believe they can be second in anything. Our heritage has always included cowboys, horses, western lifestyle that makes Texas the Lone Star State. However, in the past decade, our horse industry has diminished—and more markedly since Kentucky launched their successful breeders incentive program. Breeding, racing and show horses migrated to Kentucky, lured by the financial incentives that were not available in Texas.

On May 21, 2009, the Texas Equine Incentive Program was passed, marking the beginning of an exciting new program for horses bred and exhibited in Texas. Texas Bill HB1881 had broad, bipartisan support. Possible because it did not involve gambling or new taxes, the bill was essentially unopposed, passing both the House and Senate by a landslide.

House bill HB1881 provides for the creation of a Texas Equine Incentive. The fund will be administered by the Texas Department of Agriculture under the auspices of Commissioner Todd Staples. The fund will benefit Texas bred Quarter, Paint and Appaloosa horses. The rules of the bill will be determined by an industry panel representing the three breeds. The intent of the bill was that each association can determine its own rules to better suit their needs.

The program will have eligibility requirements that require the stallion to live in Texas and the mare to be bred and foaled out in Texas. The bill is very similar to the one passed in 2005 in Kentucky, except this is not funded by taxes. Initial funding will come from nomination fees from owners of the mares and stallions, and resulting offspring. Texas bred mare and stallion and show owners will be required to be a member of the state association as well as the national breed associations in order to nominate foals or receive funds.

The minimum amount each in state bred mare owners will contribute is $30 with the final amount still to be determined by each breed. Stallions and mares can opt out if they do not wish to participate. This is a voluntary program with nomination fees paid into a fund similar to the American Quarter Horse Association Incentive Fund, American Paint Horse Association Breeders Trust or Appaloosa Horse Club of America Breeders Trust.

Payouts will occur for foals of nominated stallions and mares when they compete in Texas equine events and earn points in their respective breed association shows. This program in anticipated to motivate more Texas bred that are sold to other locations, to return to Texas for events, thus growing our in-state events.

This is start of widespread legislation to retain horses in the state of Texas. The program in Kentucky started with only 8 stallions and has become an exciting program that motivates horse owners to move their horses to Kentucky during breeding season so they may participate in the incentives once that foal is old enough to show.

This bill is the first step to breathe new life into the Texas horse industry, and the program really has unlimited potential. Already, there are plans under development to enhance the program.

Once the bill has Governor Rick Perry’s signature, it will become law on September 9, 2009.

Breeders and exhibitors can assist the growth of this exciting program, by ensuring that their representatives know how important this program is to our industry, and thanking those who worked hard to get this off the ground. The bill was introduced into the Texas House by Representative Sid Miller (R) of Erath. Other Representatives that joined the bill as authors are Representative Yvonne Gonzalez Toureilles (D) of Alice who is also the Chairman of the House Agriculture and Livestock Committee, Representative David Leibowitz (D) of San Antonio, Representative Ryan Guillen (D) of Rio Grand City and co-Author Representative Tan Parker (R) of Flower Mound.

In the Senate the bill was sponsored by Senator Craig Estes of Wichita Falls (R). Senator Estes is the Chairman of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Senator Estes was joined on the bill by co-sponsors Senator Glenn Hegar (R) of Katy, Senator Carlos Uresti (D) of San Antonio. The bill was also supported by Rob Werstler of Texas Quarter Horse Association.

Plans are being made for the 2011 legislative session.

If you can find a minute to thank everyone for all their help, it would be greatly appreciated. Don’t forget that Representative Sid Miller is a roper and shows in Quarter Horse shows. Thank him in person.

Representative Sid Miller

Representative Yvonne Gonzalez Toureilles

Representative David Leibowitz

Representative Ryan Guillen

Representative Tan Parker

Senator Craig Estes

Senator Carlos Uresti

Senator Glenn Hegar

Todd Smith of Impact Texas Communications

Leigh Ann Schroeder

Rob Werstler of Texas Quarter Horse Association

Contact for more information
Bill sponsored by Texas Bred Horse Association
(a 501c3 organization for education of the purpose of horses in the Texas economy)
11547 Dane Rd
Pilot Point, TX 76258
940-440-9650 fax

Executive Committee
Diane Chilton – President
Leigh Ann Schroeder – Vice President
Dr Howard Harper – Treasurer
RD Schroeder – Secretary


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